Weddings during quarantine.

There really aren’t any. There are small private elopements, but as for the large celebrations that we are all accustomed to, it may be months before we can make those dreams come true. What should a Covid Couple(CC) do during this time with their wedding around the corner?

Just keep planning! Contact all of your vendors. Some of them may be closed during quarantine, and may stay closed for even longer due to health reasons or the more unfortunate instance of going out of business. A prepared CC will contact their main vendors- florist, ceremony venue, photographer, videographer, officiant, reception venue, rentals, and baker to make sure that they will be ready when the time comes. I just got a call from a Bride who thankfully did just this. She found out that her photographer may not be willing to photograph her wedding because of family members who are compromised. Make sure you know that your vendors are all in if the quarantines are lifted and the weddings can take place. Some may not be until there is a vaccine.

If you find yourself with a vendor that can not guarantee service for your date, you may have to find a new vendor. It depends on your comfort level.

How to find a new wedding vendor?

Ask your other vendors!

We all have lists of colleagues that we have worked with in the past that provide all things weddings. Your vendors will not steer you wrong. We know who is good, who isn’t, and who is kind of meh. You don’t want a meh vendor. You want the BEST, and you want them dedicated to your Wedding.

January wedding at Orchard Ridge Farms
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