Golden hour and giggles.

This family and I met at The Park in Evergreen Park, IL after having to postpone for rain and generally junky weather. I am so glad that we did. It was unseasonably warm, and the golden hour sun was just dreamy for our photo session. The little ones were in good spirits and we had a great session.

When scheduling outdoor sessions, you must set your family up for success! I take a few things into consideration- light, and schedule of the kids involved in the session. Mid day is never a good idea. Yes, you can get great images, but the optimal time is an hour before sun down, and 2-3 hours after sun rise. Also, when is nap time, and when are your child’s normal eating times? Will they be expected to cooperate in any way shape or form when their little tummies are growling, or when they are typically sleeping? Make sure you think of all of the things. Your photographer should be taking these things into consideration as well. If it is dinner time, give everyone a snack or dinner before your session. Also, for babies, are they scheduled for vaccines the day before? Even two or three days prior can put them in a crabby mood, and you will have a tired, crabby baby that wants nothing to do with a photo session. Family photo sessions can be stressful enough to prep for. Do yourself a favor and make sure that the session itself is fun and easy.

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